A few years ago, I was working 80 hours per week, making 30% less money than I do now, and  I worried constantly about my future should the company I worked for fail or let me go. Why was I working more for less money and not doing anything about it? You guessed it - I was living (almost) paycheck-to-paycheck and I was afraid to make any changes as I could not afford to lose my income stream... I realized that in my current position, I will be slave to the banks for the rest of my life, so this is what I did:

Hilarious Craigslist post from unnamed poster (thank you, whomever you are):


It shows were all those things in the yard sale come from. Impulse shopping :)

NOTE: I am including the copy of the post below, in case Craigslist removes this post in the future.

This is not going to be easy! I am an extremely fair person. I have given my current company 15 years of hard work, and 30 years of actual labor (as I've averaged 80 hours per week). Still, I cannot bring myself to use equipment, Internet access or office supplies from my current company for anything related to my new company. 

Yes, that means I can only use my personal iPad for all work related to the new company (laptop purchase will happen if the business shows promise). It also means that I have to work from Starbucks so that I do not use/abuse the  Internet service paid by my current employer. Worst of all, I had to purchase my first office supply for the new business.


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